BBB warns of scammers using season's hot toy to trick parents

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- Every year, kids' holiday must-have toys sell out fast and can become expensive and hard to find. 

This year's hot picks, according to the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau, are Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition, better known as Baby Yoda, and a realistic toy dog. 

BBB is warning parents to beware of scammers using the toy's popularity to trick them out of their money.

If the toy is sold out at every store and you decide to look online, be aware of sites that may appear professional, but have fake offers. These offers might include discounted prices claiming a "last-minute deal" or "flash sale" according to BBB.

Buyers may think they are ordering a high-quality animatronic toy, and instead receive a cheap counterfeit version. Unfortunately, when customers try to follow up with the company, they find either unresponsive staff or no refund.

BBB said for example, one shopper told that she paid nearly $60 for a baby Yoda toy that was far from what she thought she ordered.

"It was supposed to be animated and make sound. When I finally got it, it is an ugly plastic hand puppet," the shopper told BBB. "I contacted them for a refund and an address to send it back. They say I have to pay for shipping, and it will be $20. And they will give me a 10% refund."

To help avoid the holiday nightmare, here are some tips from BBB to help you become aware of toy scams:

Only buy toys from reputable stores and website

The best way to avoid getting scammed is to buy them directly from a seller you know and trust.

Don't be fooled by extra-low prices

Unreasonably low prices are a red flag for a scam on many products, BBB says. Avoid making a purchase from a retailer you aren't familiar with just because the price sounds too good to be true, BBB says - it probably is.

Research before you buy

Before offering up y our name and credit card information, be sure the company has a working customer service number. 

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