Bars hopeful Badgers game, March Madness season score them more business

NOW: Bars hopeful Badgers game, March Madness season score them more business

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- As you’re thinking about who you want in the Final Four, bars in the Milwaukee area are just glad that there will be a Final Four this year. They’re happy for the extra business March Madness will hopefully bring, especially the Wisconsin-North Carolina game on Friday, March 19.

"We would normally have probably five times the business right now maybe even more for all these games even early in the morning because, like I said, people take off to watch these games, and they're just not that not doing that right now," said Marty Petricca, manager at Major Goolsby's.

Some customers at Major Goolsby's said March Madness is the best holiday season.

"Love the tournament. It's actually one of my favorite times of the year," said John Drexler. "Put in my PTO three months ago."

For 20 years, high school basketball teammates Drexler and Edward Weisse have gotten together to watch these games.

"It's been a tradition and the last year was tough. That was actually when this whole thing started. It was kind of the first thing that got canceled. I was like, 'Oh boy,'" Weisse said.

"It's nice to finally have it back after two years. Certainly last year was a disappointment," Petricca said.

Petricca said he hoped to get a good crowd in for the Badger game Friday night.

"Especially, they can hopefully they can win and get another game on Sunday," he said.

The Badger game comes the same day as Milwaukee’s new health order goes into effect. Some restaurants and bars can increase their capacity. Customers are no longer required to sit down unless they're eating or drinking.

Petricca said it will be good for the industry as a whole.

"And hopefully we can snuff out COVID and get back to normal times," Petricca said.

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