Bar Sparks Controversy Hosting Camel Rides and Camel Meat Eating

A bar in Okauchee Lake, Wisconsin is hosting Saturday night an event that has been raising protests from some.

Foolery’s Liquid Therapy bar is hosting an event involving camels.

There are camel rides available for customers. In addition, customers can eat camel toes and camel meat, according to a post on the restaurant’s Facebook group.

A Facebook group called Global Conservation Group, posted a protest to the event.

Tony Foss, the owner of the camel, posted to the group that a camel will not be slaughtered at the event and the camel is a pet of his. 

The bar posted this statement about the event:

Wow have we stirred up some controversy! Well, if we didn't, we would be Foolery’s! We want to clear the air about some recurring misconceptions on what kind of event we are hosting. First and foremost, we are NOT eating Dooley The Camel. The meat, if you wish to try it, is no kin of Dooley.

You can get camel meat from ANY specialty butcher. Camel’s popularity has been increasing because it is so high in protein and so low in fat. Eating camel has gone on for thousands of years, the only difference between a camel burger and our basic burger is the type of meat. Camel meat is considered a delicacy just like venison, ostrich or kangaroo.

Here is a little bio on Dooley the Camel: He is an outdoor pet, acclimated to cold Wisconsin weather. Riding Dooley is the same as riding a horse. Dooley works part time at the Milwaukee County Zoo, he also does work at nativity scenes during Christmas. All the money he “works” for goes to raise food for the struggling Amish families of Southeastern Wisconsin.

For our event specifically, rides will be limited to 25 people so Dooley will not get tired, unlike camels at all the major zoos in the United Sates where camels give rides all day.

Come to Foolerys on the 23rd of Janurary as Foolerys introduces its Camel Burgers. The first 25 people that order our Camel Burger will get a free ride on"Dooley" the Camel. We will have "Dooley" at Foolerys from 11am till 2pm for rides and pictures. Camel is very lean and comparable to Bison in flavor. 

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