Balloon release held for 14-year-old shot and killed near 11th and Burleigh

NOW: Balloon release held for 14-year-old shot and killed near 11th and Burleigh

MILWAUKEE (CBS58)—A sea of balloons and a river of tears, all for 14 year-old Nequesia N. Terrell.

“It still don’t even seem real, I can’t believe she’s gone,”Jalya Bradley said. She is one of Terrell’s close friends.

Family and friends gathered Sunday evening for Terrell-remembering her smile, spirit and grace.

“My baby was loved, she had a full family, we loved her and we want justice for QuaQua,” Terrell’s mother said.

Milwaukee Police say just before 2am early Saturday morning, Terrell was in the back seat of the car, riding with friends near 11th and Burleigh, when they heard multiple gunshots.

Terrell was caught in that crossfire. She was sent to the hospital where she was shortly pronounced dead.

“Yes I loved my granddaughter, yes she should have been at home that night but because she was out somebody else that knew her should have said “QuaQua” you need to go home she shouldn’t be out here, why take her life,” Wanda Terrell said. She is Terrell’s grandmother.

The family says they are begging Milwaukee to put the guns down and think about the next generation.

“It’s time out for all of this,” Terrell said. “They killing each other, our future, our young people, what our young people gone do if all the old people gone”

Milwaukee Police are still searching for a suspect. According to the Milwaukee Medical Examiner, this is the 17th homicide this year involving a child. The autopsy for Nequesia N. Terrell  is scheduled for Monday.

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