Bacteria Killing Light Could Revolutionize Healthcare Industry

You may not just being feeling blue next time you’re at the hospital. You could be seeing it and it could help make you feel a little bit brighter.

New technology called Indigo Clean is currently being tested at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa. It's a blue light that is able to kill micro-organisms and bacteria linked to diseases like MRSA.

It's also being studied by the Medical College of Wisconsin.

“What we’ve found is actually pretty substantial.  When we turn the light on we have a reduction in the amount of bacteria in that space by more than 40 percent,” said Dr Nathan Ledeboer, of Medical College of Wisconsin

Dr. Ledeboer has been testing the Indigo Clean technology. He says he’s been impressed by the amount of decontamination the light is able to do, but it’s not the ultimate solution to eliminating healthcare acquired infections. Something that costs hospitals nationwide, billions of dollars of year.

“Adequate cleaning, is still incredibly important going forward, this is an added benefit and added tool to make sure when we can’t be an in area where we can’t clean. That we can keep it clean,” Ledeboer explains.

While the Indigo Clean light is still in the testing phase, it has been purchased commercially for hospitals in Las Vegas and New Jersey.

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