Award Winning Photographer Unveils Work at Milwaukee's Irish and Cultural Heritage Center

Award winning photographer and artist Coree Coppinger is ready to unveil new work in an exhibit called "Tracing the Táin" which captures an array of Celtic inspired images.

Coppinger is an expert in Irish language and history and known for creating impressionistic and abstract portrayals of the battles, the magic and events revolving around Cúchlaiin, the hero in the epic tale the táin, an táin bó cúailnge, or the cattle raid of Cooley, in the Ulster cycle of Irish mythology.

Coppinger has select the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center, or ICHC, near the Marquette University campus at 2133 W. Wisconsin Avenue,  as the venue to display her work.

Located near 22nd and Wisconsin, a special unveiling is planned for Friday, September 30th, starting at 5:30 p.m.

Folks are invited, Irish or otherwise, to join in an evening or art,thought, spoken work, music, snacks and magic.

A cash bar is also available.

Coppinger's work is being presented in conjunction with the Center for Celtic Studies at UW Milwaukee.

The center provides coursework, information and research in Celtic history, culture, political and language.

The ICHC is the host to many Celtic events year round.

Hundreds of volunteers maintain the facility which is on the historic registry.

It was the site of a speech by Martin Luther King, Junior when it was the Grand Avenue Congregational Church.

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