Autistic child keeps breaking into home

A Milwaukee woman's home was broken into and the person responsible keeps coming back.

Angelina Martinez claims her neighbor's 8-year-old autistic daughter continues to try to break into her home.

Martinez said there have been a total of 5 attempted break-ins starting back in May and she managed to get inside the home in July. Martinez says the child tries to climb in through the window. 

\"This little girl came through the front window, came into my house and ransacked every room of my house, all the way to upstairs,\" said Martinez.

The daughter's mother, who did not want her name released, doesn't deny  her daughter has tried to break into her neighbors home. \"We are doing everything we can,\" she said. In fact, after the first attempted break-in, the family bolted all the doors and windows to prevent the child from getting out of the house.

CBS 58's Lila Carrera reports.

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