Attempted ATM theft in Milwaukee caught on camera

NOW: Attempted ATM theft in Milwaukee caught on camera

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A couple of thieves are caught on camera trying to steal an ATM from inside a gas station.

As hard as the suspects tried, they weren't able to get away with the ATM or any of the money.

The attempted burglary happened at the Clark Gas station on 76th Street around 4 a.m. on August 5.

Surveillance shows a minivan backing up to the front door of the gas station then someone getting out and smashing the glass door. The suspect then ties a chain around the ATM and tries to drive off with it attached. When that doesn't work, they come back and try breaking the machine with their hands but end up only prying off the front. After trying to shake it loose and failing, they get back in the car and drive away empty-handed.

"It almost sounds like something out of a movie. A movie heist or something. It's pretty crazy," said a neighbor.

More than a month later, Milwaukee police got a tip from a woman saying her stepdaughter may have been involved in the attempted burglary. Nadia Stennis, 20, admitted to staying in the car while her boyfriend tried to steal the ATM.

"This wasn't just a little slap on the wrist type of offense. So yeah, I think knowing that something that big, you couldn't live with that on your conscience, so I can see why she would," the neighbor said.

If convicted, Stennis could face 12 and a half years in prison. She pleaded not guilty and will be in court again next month.

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