At least nine trash fires reported near Riverwest

UPDATE: Milwaukee Police say they are investigating at least a dozen trash fires from 4-6 AM. No injuries were reported. 

Police believe all of the fires are connected and they are looking for suspects. 

There is no connection to a rash of trash fires that happened on the south side a few weeks ago.

Between 4:21 and 5:57 AM Wednesday morning there were reports of at least nine trash fires in Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Fire Department says the fires appear suspicious.

Here's a list of the fires:

4:21 AM near Meinecke and Booth
4:44 AM near Meinecke and Fratney
4:45 AM near Meinecke and Pierce
5:08 AM near Meinecke and Pierce
5:13 AM near Booth and Wright
5:20 AM near Holton and Clarke
5:41 AM near Booth and Clarke
5:53 AM near North and Buffum
5:57 AM near Holton and Wright

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