As rain left, crowds grew in Deer District for Bucks-Bulls Game 4 matchup

NOW: As rain left, crowds grew in Deer District for Bucks-Bulls Game 4 matchup

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- While the rain kept fans away from the Deer District at first on Sunday, April 24, as the sun came out, so did more fans to watch the Bucks play.

"Trying to see if we can make another championship here and get it going, so even though it's raining and it's pouring outside, it's still Bucks fever, fear the deer," said Bucks fan Tyler Ramirez.

From the start, Bucks fans' hopes were high for the game.

"Still early, anything is possible but I'm keeping my hopes high right now," said Ramirez.

Even though Khris Middleton was out people were still optimistic.

"I'm hoping he can recover from his injury and come right back," said Bucks fan Keraae Anderson, he said other players were picking up the slack, "Bobby Portis is playing very well right now."

There were initial concerns with the back and forth between the Bucks and the Bulls.

"That's kinda how it's been for the whole round of the Bulls so far, so I think we'll pull through, our record's been good," said Bucks fan Jessica Dryden.

Crowds roared when the win came, so did the trash talking.

"I suppose it was fun for the Bulls to think they did have a chance," laughed Bucks fan Michelle Mereles.

Now, fans are looking forward to the rest of the series.

"Keep up that energy from game 3, into game 4 and hopefully game 5 they can close it out," said fan Jake Ekum.

"We're gonna repeat, we're gonna repeat, I can feel it," said Matthew Spoerl.

Fans said they're hoping when the Bucks are back here in Milwaukee the rain stays away the whole time.

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