Southeast Wisconsin schools begin virtual learning during coronavirus closure

NOW: Southeast Wisconsin schools begin virtual learning during coronavirus closure

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- With schools closed across the state, many in southeast Wisconsin have turned to virtual learning.

Tuesday, more 4,000 students in the School District of Menomonee Falls started on-line classes. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, district officials said they’re focused on bringing students a sense of normalcy.

Kindergarten to high school students are learning are through a digital platform. The youngest students might focus on reading skills, while the oldest have a full class schedule, on math and reading.

The lessons are recorded or live.

“We have ability within that platform ‘Schoology’ to actually do some live teaching opportunity, so teachers would have a camera up in their classroom at some of our high school classes, students would be joining their teacher real-time, engaging and learning that way,” said Casey Blochowiak, director of curriculum & learning.

District leaders said they don’t expect students to spend the same amount of time on virtual learning as if they were in class. Under the circumstances, they just ask parents and students to do their best.

“We can’t replicate what we do each day with kids when they’re home, so they’ll miss some of that personal contact. They’ll certainly miss some of the level of rigor that we would have on a normal day," said Corey Golla, superintendent.

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