Another 70 and Getting Close to Records

B-E-A-UTIFUL!! That was the only way to describe Saturday. After a few clouds and some fog in the morning there was a lot of sunshine and temperatures very, very warm for this time of year. The average high for November 5 is 51° but we were nearly 20° warmer than that in Milwaukee with a high of 70!! When you look at the almanac the low Saturday morning was 51 meaning that our low temperature was equal to the average high temperature. 

If for some reason you couldn't enjoy Saturday then you will get another chance on Sunday when temperatures will be nearly as warm and the sunshine abounds. Expect highs in at least the middle 60s with most making it back into the upper 60s. 

On Saturday we were three degrees away from the record set in 1978 of 73° but we will be closer to that record on Sunday. The record for Sunday, November 6 is 69° set in 1975 and with a forecast of 67° we will be very close.

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