An Olympic inspiration: Milwaukee gymnast Marvin Kimble

NOW: An Olympic inspiration: Milwaukee gymnast Marvin Kimble

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Milwaukee’s own Marvin Kimble is on the US National Team. He’s training for a chance to represent the US at the Olympics. But who knows where he’d be without gymnastics.

“Gymnastics saved my life," Marvin tells me. "In my neighborhood there’s people dying every day. You hear gunshots all the time."

Marvin is hoping to lead by example and help kids from his neighborhood follow their passion.

"For me I feel accomplished for getting out of that situation because most of my friends are either dead or in jail. It’s a blessing to me. So, if I can help someone in my neighborhood get past that then I’ve done my part."

He tells me focus and sacrifice are the keys no matter what you do.

"Once you get over the hump and realize what you're actually doing it for then it's like you can go anywhere. Look at me!"

As for the upcoming Olympics, Marvin will participate in trials at the end of June. It’ll be his second chance to qualify, hoping to represent the Stars and Stripes on the world’s greatest stage and he’s ready.

“I’m extremely confident. I just know this is my second go around so I have a little experience I feel ready. Mentally I'm in the right headspace. Physically I'm getting there."

The whole city of Milwaukee will be cheering him on, but whether Marvin makes the Olympic team or not, he’s already won through gymnastics.

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