Amid COVID-19 pandemic, stores ask customers to be patient as they work to restock shelves

NOW: Amid COVID-19 pandemic, stores ask customers to be patient as they work to restock shelves

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Shoppers have been rushing to stores during the COVID-19 pandemic, trying to get items they need during this period of social distancing and restrictions placed on large gatherings by the governor.

Stores across Wisconsin are limiting hours customers can shop, paying out more overtime, and limiting purchases on high demand items.

As the pandemic increases demand, stores are trying to curb buyers by limiting their purchases of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and other items as they quickly work to restock shelves.

Metro Market, Pick N’ Save, Walmart and Roundy’s are all limiting their store hours to allow for limited exposure and time to restock empty shelves.

Other stores, like Sendik's and Target, have implemented senior shopping hours to reserve time for shoppers who are at a higher risk of illness by COVID-19 because of their compromised immune systems.

As they all scramble to restock shelves wiped out by some panicked shoppers in response to the global pandemic, they say they’re working hard to make sure customers don’t walk away empty-handed and disappointed. We can help out with that, too, by not hoarding products we don’t really need.

“Best thing I would say is I would encourage customers to buy what they need at that moment,” said Metro Market Store Director Anthony Kuchinsky. “There is a blip in the supply chain, and that will iron itself out and there will be plenty for everyone if people do not continue to hoard products.”

“We simply ask for their patience while they’re shopping at our stores. And think about others while they’re shopping and think about others while they’re shopping from a courtesy standpoint and amount of product they’re purchasing,” said Gary Suokko Chief Operating Officer of Piggly Wiggly Midwest.

Above all, those we spoke with said we’re all in this together, and are asking customers to only take what they need right now because there is enough to go around as they work to restock shelves.

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