Biden's American Families Plan fills gaps in education system

NOW: Biden’s American Families Plan fills gaps in education system

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Major portions of President Biden's American Families Plan expand access to early childhood education and care, as well as offer two years of community college to every American for free.

Experts in these fields said the programs could help many people by investing in education at both ends of the spectrum.

Wisconsin Early Childcare Association Executive Director Ruth Schmidt said the pandemic laid bare the holds in the child care system.

"Without child care and without an ability to support a high quality child care infrastructure, we damage the economy of our state," said Schmidt.

Those holes continue on into school.

"Between low income, high income, by racial groups, whatever, they really exist the day kids walk into kindergarten," said Marquette Law School Senior Fellow Alan Borsuk.

They can reappear at any point in a person's career.

"Community college is not just for 18-year-olds right out of college, community college is for people who are retraining into new industries," said Alverno College Education Professor Desiree Pointer Mace.

All these experts said Biden's plan fills those holes, providing billions for child care, preschool and community college.

"Generally speaking, what we saw tonight is ultimately the difference between Democrats and Republicans," said UW Milwaukee Professor Emeritus Mordecai Lee.

He said the real fight will happen in Congress, where the parties are split. Biden wants to pay for this with tax increases on wealthy Americans. Republicans generally say the country is spending too much.

"What President Biden was doing is saying, hey, let's set aside culture wars, let's set aside ideology, this is something that's good for you and your family," said Lee.

Whether the country buys what the president is selling though, is up to the voters.

The president's plan costs $1.8 trillion.

Pollsters said the public supports many of the measures, but Congress will have the final say.

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