Alligator Breaks Window Trying to Escape from Car

(CBSNews) HOUSTON -- An alligator in Texas tried to make a daring escape after it was captured Sunday by climbing out of the trunk of a car, CBS affiliate KHOU reported.

The Gator Squad's Christy Kroboth posted pictures and a video to Facebook explaining the ordeal. The 7-foot-long gator was apparently caught in Fulsher, Texas, late Saturday night.

"If you catch them in the middle of the night, sometimes I keep them in the backseat of my car, in the trunk area and they're fine." Kroboth said. "But in the middle of the night, this guy tried to escape. He climbed over the row of seats and he's now in the front windshield where he busted the windshield in two places..."

Thankfully, Kolbroth was not in the vehicle at the time.

She wrestled with the aggressive gator before coaxing it out of the vehicle. The gator is apparently blind in its right eye and had bullet wounds in his back.

"Someone was mean to this gator, even though he beat up my car, we're still going to try to be sweet to him. It's not his fault he saw the light from the windshield and just tried to get out..." said Kroboth in the video.

Kroboth also mentioned the gator was rather skinny for a 7-foot male.

The gator will be taken to the Gator Farm later in the day on Sunday, KHOU reported.

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