Alleged killer of Marquette graduate denied bail at first Las Vegas court appearance

NOW: Alleged killer of Marquette graduate denied bail at first Las Vegas court appearance

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CBS 58) -- The alleged killer of a Marquette graduate who started his journalism career in Milwaukee made his first court appearance in Las Vegas Thursday.

Robert Telles was denied bail when he appeared before a Las Vegas judge on charges of open murder.

Journalist Jeff German was found stabbed to death last weekend. German graduated from Marquette University in the 1970s and interned at the Milwaukee Journal.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said Thursday, "Every murder is tragic. But the killing of a journalist is particularly troublesome."

Telles silently walked into court Thursday. For weeks on social media, Telles blamed German's reporting for his failed re-election campaign for Clark County Public Administrator.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said, "We're dealing with human beings. And human beings sometimes act irrationally and in desperation."

German had written a series of stories about Telles in recent months, uncovering claims of bullying within Telles' office and an alleged inappropriate relationship.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Captain Dori Koren said, "Then ultimately Telles was also upset, from what we found out later, that there was additional reporting that was pending."

Shortly after German was found dead, police secured surveillance video that showed a suspect wearing an orange shirt and straw hat and carrying a duffle bag. And they said a maroon SUV was driving suspiciously through German's neighborhood.

Police said surveillance video showed the suspect going up to the side of German's home. Then German came out the garage door and went to the side of the house where police say there was a fight.

Police later tracked the SUV to Telles' home.

Captain Koren said, "We executed a search warrants early yesterday morning and that involved searching Telles' his home, his vehicles, and then also searching his body to collect a DNA sample to compare it to DNA recovered during the crime."

Police recovered a pair of shoes and a straw hat, both matching what the suspect wore. Police said both the shoes and hat were cut up, likely to try and destroy evidence.

Blood on the shoes was sent for DNA testing.

Meanwhile, Telles was released while police built their case. He did not speak to reporters when he returned home.

Wednesday, the DNA results connected Telles to the scene.

Captain Koren said, "We received positive DNA results that showed Robert Telles' DNA at the crime scene."

Telles was arrested without further incident.

District Attorney Wolfson said, "I make my opinions on strengths and weaknesses of a case [based] on evidence. And the evidence at this point is quite compelling."

Colleagues in Milwaukee remembered German as ambitious and passionate about news.

Telles' next court appearance is set for September 13th.

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