'All kinds of chaos and anarchy could follow:' Alderman concerned about return of former MPD chief on July 3

NOW: ’All kinds of chaos and anarchy could follow:’ Alderman concerned about return of former MPD chief on July 3

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Former police chief Alfonso Morales will once again lead the Milwaukee Police Department on July 3.

Morales' attorney, Frank Gimbel, says he will take the reins with a focus on the rising crime across the city.

"At this present time, I think that there is a need to protect persons and property and see to it that the laws are obeyed," Gimbel said Thursday, after a court hearing.

Alderman Bob Bauman says that rhetoric is concerning, and for months he's called for the city to settle with Morales to keep him from becoming chief again.

"We need a divorce," Ald. Bauman said. "Sometimes divorces are expensive. Both sides need to go their separate ways for the good of the police department, the good of public safety, the good of police reform."

Bauman says he thinks if Morales comes back, the work done to improve police-community relations by Acting Chief Norman is out the window.

"We start from scratch or we go in a different direction entirely,' Ald. Bauman said. "All kinds of chaos and anarchy could follow."

On Monday, Gimbel reiterated no settlement is on the horizon but declined to comment further.

Ald. Bauman says if the city doesn't pay up, the legal battles and costs will keep rising. Morales already has a federal lawsuit against the city pending.

"I hear talk the Fire and Police Commission are prepared to immediately fire him again," Ald. Bauman said. "Well, more litigation, more court activity, more hearings."

At this point, the only thing that keeps Morales from becoming chief on Saturday would be an eleventh hour ruling from the court of appeals.

In a statement, the police union president said, " I think that the City of Milwaukee is in a very interesting position.  On July 3rd, the city must either pay Chief Morales or give him his Chief’s position back.  Would the rank and file want Chief Morales back?  I believe that the rank and file would want Chief Morales back. The City went to court to ask the court to push off July 3rd date. The City was denied.  Now it is time for the City to either pay him or put him in the Chief’s position.  We will see what the City decides to do."

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