Alec Ingold reflects on first NFL season, raises money for food bank

NOW: Alec Ingold reflects on first NFL season, raises money for food bank

LAS VEGAS (CBS 58) -- It was the chance of a lifetime, but nothing was guaranteed.

“Every day was really a job interview for me.”

The Raiders signed Alec Ingold as an undrafted free agent last year. The rest was up to him.

“Going undrafted I understood my leash wasn’t very long. I had to make the most of every opportunity and really take away any excuse or reason for them to kick me off.”

Alec never gave them the chance making a name for himself early. Week 5 the former Badger and Bay Port Pirate launched himself for a game winning block against the Bears.

“It was just cutting everything loose. I’m here for as long as I can be here so I’m just going to send it. That’s pretty much what happened. I feel like it epitomized what I’m about on the football field.”

Alec calls that the turning point in his career. With a surge of confidence, he played in all 16 games scoring his first NFL touchdown. His Raiders are moving from Oakland to Las Vegas this off-season. Before he could get used to his new home, the coronavirus pandemic hit, with Las Vegas being called “ground zero for the American jobs crisis.”

“We’re new guys in the NFL, we don’t have the million-dollar salaries like Tom Brady and Drew Brees to just donate a bunch of meals so we had to get creative.”

So, Alec and three teammates offered the chance to win virtual meet and greets to any fans who donated at least 20 dollars to a local food bank.

“Just being a face for that and just understanding that we could bring some energy and life into the community before the season starts was really the goal there.”

Together they raised more than 30,000 meals, helping those in need.

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