Alcohol was a factor in early morning rollover crash on I-43

The Ford Explorer was driving north on I-43 when the driver lost control and the truck rolled. Three men in their 20's were injured. The driver was ejected from the truck and has life-threatening injuries. He's being treated at Froedtert Hospital. Another passenger suffered minor injuries. The third man walked away from the crash scene and was found by officers in a nearby neighborhood. Police say alcohol was a factor. Video captured by a CBS 58 photojournalist shows a deputy taking a bottle of tequila from the scene.

North Shore Fire Department Chief Robert Whitaker says the driver was seriously injured.  They don't believe he was wearing a seatbelt.

\"That car is basically a bubble once the airbags deploy,\" Chief Whitaker said.  \"The seatbelt is meant to keep you in place so you can take advantage of that bubble. If you're not seat belted in you're going to rumble around, you're going to fly, you're going to move out of the vehicle. You can't take advantage of that system or bubble that' created around you.\"  

The investigation is on-going.
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