Airbnb offering ways to give back to Ukrainian refugees

NOW: Airbnb offering ways to give back to Ukrainian refugees

MILWAUKEE, (CBS 58) -- There is a new way to get money directly in the hands of Ukrainian refugees. People worldwide have started booking trips on Airbnb to Ukraine, trips they don't intend to take.

We talked to one guy in Milwaukee who felt moved to do it. He's been to Ukraine, says it was his favorite trip ever, and he hopes others will jump on the Airbnb-to-Ukraine bandwagon.

This is Cheyn Crangle's confirmation page, for a room he booked in Kyiv that he won't be using.

"If everybody does a little, it impacts a lot, so this is that little ripple, something I could financially do," said Cheyn Crangle, Milwaukeean supporting Ukraine.

It's as easy as going to the Airbnb website and typing in Ukraine in the search bar. There are rooms as low as $10 per night.

"And I said we're obviously not gonna be coming, you know hopefully you can just keep the money and they were super supportive, appreciative," said Crangle.

The fighting in Ukraine is personally upsetting Crangle, who spent his 30th birthday vacationing there. He documented the trip for his friends and family.

"I've been to 50 countries total and actually if you asked most people, what's my favorite country, I usually say Ukraine," said Crangle.

Airbnb says it is waiving guest and host fees for all stays in Ukraine right now. That way all the money from bookings can go directly to host families.

"The fact that it goes right to someone specific I think is really cool," said Crangle.

There is one more way you can give back through Airbnb. The company is accepting donations that will be used to provide free housing to Ukrainian refugees. Here is a link to their website.

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