Airbnb host says rescheduling for DNC has been 'surprisingly smooth'

NOW: Airbnb host says rescheduling for DNC has been ’surprisingly smooth’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- While those in the restaurant and hospitality industries are relieved the DNC was rescheduled and not canceled, they're now trying to figure out the logistics of moving the convention back a month. 

That includes re-booking hotels and Airbnbs. 

"Immediately went and blocked the entire month of August," said Jake Dehne, after learning the DNC had been rescheduled from July to August. 

Dehne is a downtown business owner and has a dozen properties on Airbnb. He had to check the August dates, see if those people were willing to switch, and then contact those booked in July to get them rescheduled. 

"I guess it would be equivalent of like an airplane, someone canceling a flight and then having to re-book everybody," he said. 

Airbnb says those considering making changes to upcoming trips should visit the Trips section of the Airbnb website or app, and select the reservation to find resources for changing or canceling the trip. 

Tips on how you can change a reservation, here. 

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