Adopt a Neighborhood Program Seeks to Combat Homicide Rate

The person leading Friday night’s vigil for Laylah Petersen is Pastor Richard Schwoegler of Our Lady of Hope Church in Milwaukee. Pastor Schwoegler joined CBS 58 News at 4:00 PM to discuss Laylah’s memory and her family and neighborhood outreach programs.

In the wake of Milwaukee’s growing homicide rate Schwoegler joined with other activists and began the Adopt a Neighborhood program. The program trains volunteers to be out and about in neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee making a presence and hopefully reducing crime.

Some in Milwaukee believe the way to reduce Milwaukee’s crime rate is incarceration. Schwoegler said that law enforcement and the courts is part of the solution, but progress will never be made unless those committing the violence have a change of heart.

Schwoegler encouraged all in Milwaukee to attend Laylah Petersen’s trial to show the community that we are united in the face of adversity.

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