ABATE Awareness Day for Motorcycles Saturday, April 29th

NOW: ABATE Awareness Day for Motorcycles Saturday, April 29th
Milwaukee -

Local activists with the group ABATE will gathered at Highway 100 and Blue Mound Road in hopes of creating a greater understanding between car drivers and motorcycle riders.

Starting at 10 a.m., the riders will stand at the intersection informing drivers.

They will then set out for Eagle, Wisconsin in memory of fellow bikers who were killed.

The group also had a successful lobby day in Madison recently with some 500 members making the journey.

Among the items, one protecting privacy when it comes to event data recorders or black boxes.

The group is still awaiting  a final draft for the bill.

Senator Stroebel and Representatives Kremer and Quinn have been working with the Auto Dealers and Manufacturers to try to finalize the language to make all parties happy. But, ABATE says it does not look like they are going to agree on some very important parts.

In the past, the Auto Dealers say access to the data would allow them to ensure safety better, by detecting problems earlier and implementing recalls sooner.

"We are willing to compromise by allowing a vehicle to be "pinged" in the event of an Amber or Silver Alert for dispatch of emergency vehicles," say Steven Panten of ABATE of WI. "But they are looking for more access which would dramatically change the intent of the bill. If we are going to have success with this bill we are going to need the membership to work on their legislators to get support."

Black boxes have been in cars for several years. But ABATE fears a "free for all" on driving habits.

The bill ABATE would like to see requires a vehicle owner to give consent to anyone who wants the information.

There would be fines of up to $2,000  on those who grab it without permission

"This is a 'make sense' bill as it protects a consumers privacy if they choose, but still allows access from people that are willing," explained Panten.

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