"A start for a new future:" Spurs' assistant Becky Hammon among candidates for Bucks head coach position

NOW: “A start for a new future:“ Spurs’ assistant Becky Hammon among candidates for Bucks head coach position

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Bucks have the chance to make history in their current search for a head coach.

The team is reportedly interviewing Becky Hammon for the job, an assistant with the San Antonio Spurs.

Hammon would be the first female NBA head coach.

She's already a role model to young athletes like Tnya Hartz, a freshman on the Alexander Hamilton High School track team.

"She's basically letting people know that women can do it too," Hartz said.

Hamilton's Athletic Director, Kay Nichols, is rooting for history to be made too. She knows firsthand that sports can be a man's world.

"In Wisconsin only about 10 percent of our athletic directors are female," Nichols said.

She says Hammon's hiring would be a big domino to fall in the ascent toward equality.

"Females need to see females in strong positions, whether it's a principal, a head coach, a boss at a job," Nichols said. "They need to see females aspiring to be those things so they realize they can do it too."

Bucks fans we spoke to just want a great coach, regardless of gender.

"We've progressed past that and I think women in sports isn't a big deal," said Jack Brzakala.

Another fan said if she can do the job, it doesn't matter if she's a guy or girl, black, white or purple.

"I hope she gets the job, yes," Hartz said. "It would be a start for a new future."

Nichols has her own history of breaking barriers. She grew up in Minnesota and was on the first women's high school hockey team in the state after she and her teammates successfully petitioned for it.

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