'A second chance:' Recovered COVID-19 patient meets plasma donor in Milwaukee

’A second chance: ’ Recovered COVID-19 patient meets plasma donor in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — A heartfelt hello took place in Milwaukee on Tuesday, October 13.

A recovered COVID-19 patient who received plasma while hospitalized this summer was able to meet and thank her donor.

The donor, Kris Klug, recovered from COVID-19 in May and decided to donate her plasma to help others.

“I never thought it would be tracked back, so it was very cool to get the email to have the opportunity to meet Unique, so I’m very happy,” she said.

Recipient Unique Edwards cried the moment Klug walked into the room at Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin.

“Thank you!” She said.

Edwards said she wouldn’t be here today without the donation. She said she received the transfusion right before her lungs collapsed for the second time when she was sick with COVID-19 this summer.

The antibodies from Klug’s plasma helped Edwards’ body fight the virus.

“I’m grateful, I never thought I would have another piece of someone with me, but the fact that you allowed me to have a second chance with having that gift there when we needed it, it means the world to me,” Edwards said. “Which means you mean the world to me and I’m thankful.”

After the meeting, Klug donated plasma again.

“I have a blood sister now, so that’s kind of fun, it feels really good,” Klug said.

More information on blood and plasma donations can be found on Versiti’s website.

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