A Milwaukee Firefighter's Amazing "Feat": Walking on Hot Coals

It's not out of the ordinary for Milwaukee firefighter Jake Nawrocki to feel the heat.  But his one hobby takes it to a whole new level.  He walks on coals for various reasons.  First and foremost he does it to conquer his fears and demonstrate where there's a will, there's a way.  He also uses this as a focal point for a self-help workshop he's hosting this weekend called Self-Reset Power.  Click on the attached link to find out more about the upcoming program in Milwaukee.  Proceeds raised will go toward the WisconsinBurn Camp and Hunger Task Force.

During the CBS58 Morning News on Wednesday, I got a chance to see Nawrocki "do his thing" a handful of times.  It took him a handful of seconds to accomplish his mission, and he did it with little expression.  Certainly no screams or ouches.

He's done this difficult task for a year now and says he's conquered about a hundred walks.  He tells me he got the idea to do this from motivation speaker Tony Robbins.

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