A look inside the Milwaukee Police Department's 'Shoot Review' meetings

NOW: A look inside the Milwaukee Police Department’s ’Shoot Review’ meetings

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Police want you to know about a new way they're tackling gun violence in the city.

Milwaukee Police along with other local organizations have been holding 'Shoot Review' meetings for about 9 months now. They're hoping that by opening up these meetings to the public, it will help them understand what they're doing to avoid shootings in the city.

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales said this meeting is just part of a three-tier holistic approach that the department takes in fighting crime.

These Shoot Review meetings are held every Wednesday. Every two weeks, they also hold a meeting with community partners to discuss helping victims and their families.

During the meetings, they review all the shootings that took place in the past week. They try to understand where and how they happened.

That way they can all stay alert for suspects or tips that could help solve those crimes whether it be in their own district or not.

"When you know, our guys and girls are out there, they know exactly who they're going after. It is a fine point in focus which I personally really enjoy the fact that we can narrow down exactly who we're looking for, and where," said Captain Boris Turcinovic with the Milwaukee Police Department.

The Chief also said that compared to this time last year, the city is even on homicides. However, non-fatal shootings are down 50% from 34 at this time in 2018 to 17 so far in 2019.

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