A Bike for Beatrice: Helping Out a Four-Year-Old from Racine

The Ostrowski family needs your help to change their daughters life but they don't need your money; they just want your vote. 

Beatrice Ostrowski is your typical, happy-go-lucky four-year-old. 

"She loves school, loves playing with her friends, very typical in a lot of ways. She's very sweet and we say she's the best hugger," said her mom, Laura Ostrowski. 

And just as unique as her sweet personality is her diagnosis. 

"She's one of seven in the world, its called Poretti-Boltshauser syndrome," said Ostrowski. 

A genetic syndrome that effects both her neuromuscular system and her eyesight.

"She's very nearsighted, technically legally blind, but she functions really really well," said Ostrowski. 

But it certainly does not change her spirit                   

"She can get around really well with her wheelchair but it is different and its hard sometimes for kids to understand," said her mother. 

And sometimes hard for Beatrice to keep up. Which is why the family hopes to win a specially made tricycle like this one, from an online contest.

"It's a typical bicycle but there's straps on the pedals to keep her feet on it.There's also a seat that straps her in," she said. 

A three thousand dollar bike that would be priceless to this family. 

"It will help her work really hard and improve her muscles and even get her to that walking and even so she can interact with the kids in the neighborhood and cousins and friends without feeling like she's different," said her mother. 

Voting is free and you can do it every day until March 31st on your phone or computer by clicking this link: https://www.friendshipcircle.org/bikes/2016/03/beatrice-o/
Voting continues both on your computer and on your cell phone until march 31st. 

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