Hungry? You're in luck. It's "Downtown Dining Week" in Milwaukee

NOW: Hungry? You’re in luck. It’s “Downtown Dining Week“ in Milwaukee

It's time to give your taste buds a workout.  Milwaukee's "Downtown Dining Week" goes through next Thursday.  So this means you have plenty of opportunity to satisfy your appetite by trying a variety of dishes.  43 restaurants featuring 3-course meals make up the event.  Prices are reasonable too, ranging from $12.50 to $35.  So many types of eating establishments are represented, from bistros to steakhouses and everything in between.

I went on the "circuit" Friday during the CBS58 Morning News, sampling foods from a variety of places, like "Brunch."  This is the first time this eatery has made an appearance in this event, seeing it just opened last year.  I also made a stop at The Rumpus Room.  It specializes in both American and Wisconsin cuisine and has been featured various times.

Reservations are highly recommended.  Keep in mind some places offer lunch while others don't.  So it's best to check ahead.  Also if you fill out a survey during Dining Week, you could qualify to win a $500 gift card. Click here for everything you want to know about "Downtown Dining Week."

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