97-year-old Wawautosa woman outliving life insurance

NOW: 97-year-old Wawautosa woman outliving life insurance

Laurraine Guenther says when she was 67, a Thrivent insurance salesmen offered her a deal.

"I hoped that when I passed away, I would have some money that would bury me, and that was my point," Guenther said.

She thought she would pay $500 a year, and the policy would cover $25,000 in expenses until she was 100. But now, at 97, the company says the deal expires this November.

"I was amazed, I just couldn't believe something like that could happen," Guenther said. "In a few months, bingo, that's the end of what I have."

Thrivent sent us this statement: "In May 2011, Thrivent sent quotes to Ms. Guenther on alternative insurance programs to resolve the potential lapse issue prior to age 100.  Despite receiving options that would have allowed her coverage to last longer, but she did not make any adjustments to her policy."

Laurraine's son Jim says he doesn't think the company did anything illegal, but he doesn't want this to happen to anyone else.

"To get the word out," Jim said. "If you have a Thrivent policy, you better call and find out if this is going to happen to you. That your insurance isn't going to end. I think that's the only thing we have left."

Thrivent says it's important for policy holders to review their policy on a regular basis. Guenther says it's too late to buy another policy.
"At her age, it gets so expensive, it's prohibitive for her," Jim said.

Laurraine said at least she's been healthy enough to outlive the deal.

"The Lord has been very good to me. And I never thought I would live this long. So that is a blessing. Certainly. A very good one too."

Guenther did file a complaint with the Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner, asking for the money she paid into the system.

But Thursday, she was informed she won't get it.

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