59 Year Old Woman Shot As She Sat On Her Porch

MILWAUKEE- A 59-year old grandmother is lucky to be alive after being grazed by a stray bullet fired from a car on Monday evening.

It happened just after 5pm on Labor Day in the 21-hundred block of North Sherman Boulevard in Milwaukee.

Deborah Joshua was sitting outside her doorstep when the occupants in a couple of cars started firing at each other. One of the stray bullets just barely struck the 59 year old woman in the head.

Joshua was hospitalized and is expected to survive.

According to Joshua's family, police are looking for the drivers of a white pick-up truck and a red Camaro. The family told the Joshua's that during the confrontation, the cars collided and the plate fell off the Camaro.

They are hopeful that the plate comes back to the person responsible for nearly killing Deborah Joshua.

Police have still not released information as to arrests in this case.

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