Update: Death of inmate at Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility pending toxicology report

Update: Death of inmate at Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility pending toxicology report


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The cause of death for William Leary is pending a toxicology report.

"She's hurting," said Marty Calderon.

He says William Leary's girlfriend of 20+ years is too distraught to talk.

"With that hurt here is anger, confusion, frustration."

The 51-year-old died on Sunday inside the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility. He also leaves behind two sons according to Calderon, and a brother and sister according to his autopsy.

Calderton met the family through his organization God Touch Milwaukee. The family friend says they're searching for more answers about the death.

"She doesn't right now want to throw any mud at anyone," said Calderon.

Milwaukee Police are investigating the death and the Department Of Corrections is conducting and internal review of what happened.

The autopsy report released Wednesday sheds some light on what Leary was going through in his final hours. Medical staff and his cell mate report he had fallen onto the ground multiple times and was "flopping around" and "hysterical." When the nurse tried to give him water, he "spilled" it.

The report mentions he had been to Mt. Sinai Hospital recently for GI bleeding, and he had seen the nurse earlier in the day before he died.

A handwritten note was found under his bed that read, "Tell Chad that I'm bleeding inside really bad and that HSU is doing nothing for me they wont even see and I was already in the hospital for 4 day for this s*** and when I stand up i get dizzy."

One medical professional mentioned K2, but no drug paraphernalia was found in the cell.

Leary had been in the facility since February 25th for receiving stolen property.
Calderon says the man he knew as just "Bill" deserves to be remembered as more than an inmate.

"A real nice guy, down to earth, I know he loved life... We all have challenges in life. He really was making efforts to be a father, to be a friend, to be with Lynn and support her... that's how he was. That's how I knew Bill," said Calderon.


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- William Leary has been identified as the man who died Sunday at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility.

According to the Medical Examiner's Office, Leary called for help that afternoon.

The nursing staff thought he was having a panic attack.

They checked his vitals, which were normal, and they left.

About an hour later, Leary was pronounced dead.

A letter was found under his bed where he complained of internal bleeding.

The cause of death remains under investigation. 


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Police are investigating an in-custody death at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility.

Around 2:15 p.m. Sunday an inmate notified security that his roommate had passed out and needed medical attention. Security officers, on-site nurses and the Milwaukee Fire department responded and despite life saving measures, a 51-year-old man inmate was pronounced dead.

The investigation is ongoing and the cause of death is currently unknown.

An autopsy is scheduled for Monday, March 18.

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