49-year-old Ladda Donsanouphith latest victim of domestic abuse in Milwaukee's rapidly-increasing death toll

NOW: 49-year-old Ladda Donsanouphith latest victim of domestic abuse in Milwaukee’s rapidly-increasing death toll

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The 49-year-old woman shot and killed in a domestic dispute Wednesday has been identified as Ladda Donsanouphith. Her son said the 62-year-old suspected killer was her ex-boyfriend. She's the latest victim of domestic abuse in Milwaukee's rising numbers.

According to MPD, this week alone they've reported over 30 incidents of domestic abuse, two of which were homicides. They said this year they've reported over 1,400 cases of domestic abuse. City leaders are urging folks to use the resources the city offers.

"We're working as best as we can with our partners. We're engaging, we're putting out information to those who need the resources, but we recognize there's always more that can be done," said Chief Norman of MPD.

Those resources include:

Sojourner Family Peace Center: (414) 933-2722

Milwaukee Women’s Center: (414) 449-4777

National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800) 799-7233

Carmen Pitre, president and CEO of Sojourner Family Peace Center, said some signs to watch out for include patterns of control and coercion.

"It can be subtle to severe. It can include physical to sexual, mental and emotional, spiritual. You know sometimes you can't practice your spiritual beliefs or have your own money," said Pitre.

Pitre said she doesn't believe mental, economical and lack of opportunity struggles cause violence, but makes it more likely in the city of Milwaukee.

Friends and family have created a GoFundMe for Ladda Donsanouphith.

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