3rd-grader, former patient, donates dozens of toys to Children's Wisconsin

NOW: 3rd-grader, former patient, donates dozens of toys to Children’s Wisconsin

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The 3rd-grader behind a toy fundraiser for kids in the hospital delivered those donations Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Khamilah Vazquez spent more than a year in physical therapy at Children's Wisconsin.

She was unable to walk or move her legs. 

Khamilah made a full recovery this summer. While there, she saw a need for toys for the other kids.

She began by using her allowance to buy toys for them.

Then, after spreading the word to her family, friends and teachers, her fundraiser grew.

"It is a miracle. I never thought that we're going to be able to raise this much money and this many toys," said Khamilah's mother, Magda Deosio. "It was just like her money that she invested in and it grew in this short amount of time. We're so happy."

Khamilah raised hundreds of dollars worth of toys for the hospital.

She, along with her mother, say they're extremely grateful for the community's support.

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