3-year-old Major Harris not found after several searches; father in town and mother's friends coming to search

NOW: 3-year-old Major Harris not found after several searches; father in town and mother’s friends coming to search

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Monday, Oct. 18, Milwaukee police briefly searched for Major Harris at nearby McGovern Park after they recovered a vehicle matching one connected to the case.

Milwaukee police have not said if or when another search will be conducted. Friends of Major's mother said they're coming to Milwaukee from La Crosse Tuesday morning to help search for the boy.

In addition to the police search, a group of community members also searched for Harris at three separate locations.

Major's father was too emotional to go on camera, but said he was close with Major's deceased mother, Mallery Muenzenberger. He said he's worried his son is likely scared, and he's bracing for the possibility of another tragedy.

When the vehicle was first located, community members worried about Major braced for the worst, but police later announced they were still looking for him.

Activist Vaun Mayes pulled together a loosely-organized group and went a few blocks north to search McGovern Park. Mayes said, "That could be anybody's child. And they would want the help if it was them. We have to come together as a community."

Shortly afterward, roughly 25 police officers walked in and fanned out, searching the open fields, forest trails and the edge of the ponds. There were no dive teams and no one got in the water, and after 30 minutes the officers left.

The community search party then went to 37th and Clarke, where Major's mother was found dead Thursday. There, Major's father, Carlton Harris of West Virginia, joined them.

At one point, the group got in a heated discussion with a woman allegedly related to Jaheem Clark, the suspect who died Sunday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. As the larger group walked from house to house, a smaller group kicked in a door and entered, calling for Major. It took time to restore order, and at the end of the search, nothing was found.

Mayes said, "We have a 3-year-old to find. And we hope, in the best interest of all parties involved, that he is alive and well."

Carlton Harris said he doesn't know anyone in Milwaukee, including anyone associated with the search party. He said he came so quickly he didn't make plans on where to stay overnight or for how long. Mayes said some people are working to remedy that.

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