2020 in the records as 6th warmest and 8th wettest in Milwaukee

We are now a few days into 2021 and the climate stats for Milwaukee are in. Overall it was a very warm and wet year - top 10 in both categories. When it comes to temperatures the average temp for the whole year was 50.6* which included our warmest day in a few years when we hit 95* on July 26th. We also only had one day fall below-zero when the low hit -3* on Valentine's Day. 

When it comes to precipitation, most months saw above average rain or snowfall. The total precip which includes rain and the liquid equivalent of any snow was 41.01" which is over 6" above the average. The wettest day was August 2nd when nearly 5" of rain fell. That day was the 5th wettest day on record in Milwaukee. 

The warm and wet year comes after a fairly warm December that saw near average precipitation. The stats for December show it going down as the 24th warmest on record. We were well below-average on snow by 8" but did see some decent rain and the snows we did get were very wet so our total precip for the month is 2.15" which is just barely above-average.

Now we welcome in January which is the winter month that sees temps stay fairly steady. The average high all month stays at 29*. The average low starts at 16* drops to 15* for a few days in the middle of the month and then rises to 16* by the time January is rising. January is typically our snowiest month with nearly 15" of snow on average. Check out the snowiest January in 1918 - 52.6" of snow!!

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