2 dozen flights canceled at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport

NOW: 2 dozen flights canceled at Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- At least 11 arrivals and 13 departures have been canceled out of Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport Monday, Jan 3.

Multiple Delta flights have been canceled, and other airlines including American, Spirit, United and Southwest have also canceled flights. 

Winter weather is to blame for some canceled flights, and others stem from COVID-19 outbreaks and staffing shortages within airlines that began on Christmas Eve.  

Thousands of flights have been canceled daily across the US since Dec. 25.

"[They] can't help me. All the flights are booked. I was rebooked for Thursday," Mary Norgaard said.

More than 2,600 U.S. flights were grounded Monday, according to FlightAware. Spokesperson Harold Mester says a snow storm out east is causing backups. Mester recommends keeping an eye on your flight to make sure it doesn't get canceled before you show up.

"Really whether you're at the airport or anywhere in daily life right now, it's always good to pack some patience and cut some people some slack, understanding a lot of operations are understaffed," he said.

"The wave of cancellations has caused a lot of other cancellations so I'm trying to get back to Nashville," Michael Vasquez said.

Michael Vasquez flew to Milwaukee for Sunday's Packers game. His flight back to Nashville was canceled because of weather...and the next available flight is out of Chicago.

 "Just be patient with those that are out there doing what they're doing. They don't want to be in this scenario as much as we do as well, so I just approach it with kindness," he said.

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