116 reasons to adopt a cat

Did you know that the fall is the busiest time of the year for cats in shelters? Right now, the Wisconsin Humane Society has 116 cats available for adoption, ranging from 8-week-old mischievous kittens to super senior Maria, an 11-year-old cat who won't even try to climb the drapes! 

Kitten fees range from $25-$149 and cats older than 1 year have waived fees, although you can always “name your own fee,” which counts as a donation. When you adopt two kittens, you get 50% off the second adoption fee. All three WHS campuses also offer a 25% military discount on adoption fees with valid proof of service. The higher adoption fees for kittens help support the older cats who may be in our care substantially longer, needing more food, overall care and medical support. 

To see all the available cats and kittens, click here

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