11-year-old honored for helping to save a life in Beaver Dam

A 11-year-old boy was praised Friday night after his quick thinking helped save the life of a woman who was overdosing on heroin. Christopher Rios was given a bicycle and a Packers jersey from the family of Stacie Beske. The Dodge County Sheriff's department read a proclamation written for him as well. Rios likes to think of himself as a hero after what happened August 26th. That's the day Stacie had borrowed a family member's car, said she was going to McDonalds but instead went to a neighborhood to buy heroin that almost killed her that afternoon.  

\"I saw a girl parked in the ditch, so I went to go see what was wrong. I asked for her response, she wouldn't respond to me. I asked her one more time but yelled at her so I knew something was up so I went to go tell my mom...we dialed 911,\" Rios said.

\"It's just something to show him that he is our little guardian angel that saved our daughter that day,\" said Dawn Beske, Stacie's mother. 

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