Community gathers to pray for missing Franklin woman's return

NOW: Community gathers to pray for missing Franklin woman’s return

FRANKLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) --  It's been six weeks since Sandra Eckert of Franklin disappeared.

Police searched her home in mid-April.

Her husband told CBS 58 at the time he just wants her back for their kids.

Friday, friends and family gathered at a neighborhood park to hold a candlelight vigil for Eckert.

At least 100 people gathered, many dressed in yellow holding yellow flowers along with their candles.

The yellow represents joy and hope.

That's what the family wanted this vigil to spread.

As they played songs their mother would sing to them, one of Eckert's daughters, Kelsey, told the crowd to keep praying for her safe return.

"While we all remain hopeful, deep in my heart, I know she didn't drive off in the middle of the night," said Kelsey.

Eckert was last seen on March 26.

Police searched her home and a nearby storage unit in mid-April.

They said her social media, bank accounts and cellphone have been silent ever since.

Muskego police saw her car on March 27.

"The kids and the grandkids need her, we need her back, I need her too," said Sandra's husband, Wes Eckert.

He broke down in front of the crowd Friday.

He told CBS 58 in April he had a fight with Sandra the night before she disappeared.

He told the crowd Friday their prayers are helpful.

"Prayer, hope, all good things that can do nothing but help," said Wes.

The family described Sandra as a person of faith.

Friends shared stories of her, bringing some laughter to the crowd.

One of her church leaders said it's important to keep hope alive.

"It's important to do things that lift your spirit, that's why the family requested so much yellow to be around instead of the black."

Franklin police said they have no new information to release citing the ongoing investigation.

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