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10-year-old basketball fanatic beats Milwaukee Police Officer in game of Cans

NOW: 10-year-old basketball fanatic beats Milwaukee Police Officer in game of Cans


Holidays are always a busy time for police but one officer took time out of his day to make a kid's day.

It all started when that officer responded to a call at a house where a person was causing problems. That's when the Officer at District 4 met 10-year-old Jordan McClellan, a Basketball fanatic who challenged him to a game called Cans...and won!

We asked Jordan what we think the officer needed to work on. "Shooting. He was beating me, then I had to get into my zone and I went all the way back there took a shot and made it," said Jordan McClellan.

His dad took pictures of them playing and people shared it all over social media.

Jordan says he wasn't worried at all and was confident he would win the whole time because his family was there cheering him on.

Plus, he says he plays the game every day to practice for his future NBA career. So naturally, he's an expert. And yesterday, he just wanted a challenge. 

"I never played anyone like a police officer and I wanted to. And I thought he would say no but he said yes and it was the best day of my life. My next best day would be meeting Stephen Curry."

A friend who he wants to have a rematch with later this week and has already issued that challenge. Jordan and his four brothers are named for basketball players. Jordan, Lebron, Carmello, and Amari. But, he says Michael Jordan is overrated. Lebron is a crybaby. And Stephen Curry better watch out because he's coming!

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