Hayat Pharmacy to give away 1,000 free cans of baby formula Tuesday

NOW: Hayat Pharmacy to give away 1,000 free cans of baby formula Tuesday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- If you are in desperate need of baby formula, help is on the way.

You can get some formula for free Tuesday morning, June 14. A large supply is being donated to the community through a partnership between Capri Communities, the Milwaukee Diaper Mission and Hayat Pharmacy.

Officials with Hayat Pharmacy say they'll be giving away 1,000 cans of baby formula. They say all of the cans together could provide up to 30,000 feedings for infants.

"The national formula shortage is an unprecedented crisis affecting thousands of families right here," said Milwaukee Diaper Mission Executive Director Meagan Johnson.

Johnson said that's why she reached out to Milwaukee 14th District Alderwoman Marina Dimitrijevic.

"People in this city are forced to make decisions," said Dimitrijevic. "Who do we know, what can we do?"

She said they turned to Hayat Pharmacy to make a plan of action, as they were a vital community resource for many during the pandemic.

Hayat was used to long lines and crowds, and ready to help again.

"In this particular instance, the need at this time is feeding hungry babies," said Hayat Pharmacy President Tamir Kaloti, "I have a 1-month-old baby boy at home and like so many families across the country, I have been struggling to keep him fed."

"We have access to some large suppliers, and some even small wholesalers in other states, so we have been making a lot of phone calls, checking websites, and any time, if they have say 50 cans or 100 cans, we just buy it right away," said Hayat Pharmacy Pharmacist Hashim Zaibak.

There will also be limited amounts of formula for babies with special needs.

"That means 1,000 families can at least have a couple weeks more with another can in the cabinet or available, and a little less worry during these hard times," said Dimitrijevic.

They'll be giving away the cans of baby formula at the Hayat location on Layton at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, first-come first-served, one per family.

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