Youth Council joins conversation on alarming spike in gun violence

NOW: Youth Council joins conversation on alarming spike in gun violence

MILWAUKEE, WI (CBS 58) – The city’s youth council is now joining the conversation about the alarming spike in gun violence during the month of August.

According to police, 19 people have been killed by gun violence in the city this month, and the Youth Council is calling on young people to be a part of the solution to help stop the shootings.

The 18 members of the council held a press conference at City Hall on Friday. They say it’s up to young people to put a stop to the violence in the city. They say many of the shootings have involved teens or young adults.

With school right around the corner for many students, the council felt it was the right time to reach out to the community.

Council members have partnered with state representatives and the Office of Violence Prevention in hopes their message will reach those caught up in the gun violence.

“My call to action is to have cease fire in our community so our youth can be safe,” says Erica Lofton, representative of the 2nd district for the Milwaukee Youth Council. “We need to stick together”.

“We can reduce gun violence but we have to do that by investing in opportunity,” says Reggie Moore, director of the Office of Violence Prevention. “We have to do that by investing in youth employment, and we have to do that by ensuring that every neighborhood in this city has the resources that are needed to make it safe and sustainable”.

Council members say they will continue these press conferences, but they also invite youths to their discussions that happen twice a month at City Hall.

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