Young Victim's Mother Asks for Shooter to Turn Themself In

Family and friends of Za’Layia Jenkins gathered for a rally to celebrate her tenth birthday at 15th and Meinecke.

The young girl was struck by stray gunfire while watching television in her home.

Her family has been in anguish since doctors declared her brain dead yesterday. They tell CBS 58's Amanda Porterfield they are hoping for a miracle.

“I just want whoever did this to know, I don't hate you for what you did, I just need you to turn yourself in, I need justice for my baby that's my baby she did so much for me. I lost my mom and i had her right around the same time she was there for me like nobody could understand she got my through tough times. I need her so much, I really need her she should be right here with us,” said Za’Layia’s mother.

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