Young Farmers Prepare for Wisconsin State Fair

Heading into the first weekend of the Wisconsin State Fair, the weather is a little milder today than it was for opening day yesterday.

Still plenty warm though and plenty busy. 

Hundreds of young Wisconsin farmers look forward to this event this is one of the barns where they prep their cattle to compete for the best of the best.   

It takes a lot to be part of the State Fair. The cows look like they are in a beauty salon getting ready for a big party. Their hair gets brushed. The young farmers tell me they spray them to look shiny.

The State Fair offers an open show livestock. They compete in different categories and the judges decides who takes home the prize.

Many of the kids come from their local 4-H groups and Future Farmers of America.

The young farmers said they really love working with the animals.

Some of them are bigger than them.

The group from Fond du Lac says they've been preparing since February for these competitions.

"We all fell in love with the industry that's why we are here. It's a big part of our lives. We just like to show off what we do as a farmer and spread out to the public what the dairy industry is all about,” Kalista Hodorff said.

And cows aren't the only ones showing off throughout the fair, there are competitions for goats, horses and rabbits.

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