Young best friend of shooting victim mourns the loss and senselessness of shooting following a child struck in the road

Daquanna Kendricks, 14, spoke lovingly of her 15 year old friend Rasheed Chiles.

Chiles was shot dead in a tragic incident Sunday afternoon near 48th and Hampton.

Chiles' two year old brother Damani Terry had wandered away from a party and was struck by a van in the street.

While the driver was over the boy's body grieving, according to police, somebody from the party started shooting.

The driver Archie Brown, 40, was killed at the scene.

Chiles was hit by gunfire and transported to the hospital where he later died in surgery.

Kendricks says Chiles became a close friend after both were being bullied at school.

\"I just didn't want him gone.\" she told CBS 58's Lila Carrera. \"Because he is more of a brother to me, always sticking up for me.\"

Friends, family and total strangers started leaving stuffed animals at a makeshift memorial for all the victims.

Many from the neighborhood, too scared to be seen on camera, but all expressing a sense of loss that something so senseless could happen.

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