Yelich to appear in ESPN's 'Body Issue'

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Brewers star Christian Yelich is about to get some new exposure. 

The outfielder will appear in ESPN's annual "Body Issue," which shows off the physiques of America's favorite sports stars. 

The issue hasn't come out yet, but ESPN has released a couple of the photos early. Yelich answered questions about why he posed.

"You know, I'm just at a position in my life to where I could, it was something that I wanted to do," Yelich said. "You know, I was not really worried about the whole being naked thing. I was kind of whatever about that, surprisingly. I didn't know how I was gonna be with that, whether I was gonna be nervous or not. I was super comfortable with it, had a great time."

Yelich is is also responding to critics. A woman named Roxane tweeted that the MVP's nude photos are a let-down for his young fans. She called the whole thing distasteful. Yelich responded, simply saying, "Relax Roxane."

ESPN's Body Issue comes out on Sept. 6. It also features the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line, including Milwaukee native Brandon Brooks and soccer player Kelly O'Hara.

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