WWE Legend Mick Foley performs at Turner Hall tonight

NOW: WWE Legend Mick Foley performs at Turner Hall tonight

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Tonight southeast Wisconsin wrestling fans have a chance to hear some stories from the legendary career of WWE hall of famer Mick Foley. Tickets for the 8pm Turner Hall show are available here.

CBS 58 Morning News anchor Mike Curkov interviewed Foley before the show and reminisced about a career which took off at a WWE pay per view at the MECCA in Milwaukee.

"King of the Ring '96. That's right." Foley said. "My first pay per view match with WWE and my first pay per view match with the Undertaker. That was a big one. Especially because very few people, myself included, expected Mrs. Foley's baby boy to pick up a W that day. And when I did, it really created a lot of momentum for me in WWE."

Foley is famous for taking death-defying bumps like being thrown off the Hell in a Cell through an announcer's table below. He's always said that people would not have reacted the way they did had they not cared about the character.

"I think they sense the passion and the level of commitment." said Foley. "And there was also a giveaway at about the 6 month mark, no matter how vile a character I was on screen, my eyes would give me away."

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