World Cup win fuels new excitement, raises hopes for women's soccer growth

NOW: World Cup win fuels new excitement, raises hopes for women’s soccer growth

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Women's soccer in America is riding a wave of excitement now that the Americans have won the World Cup. 

"Oh, they were so dominant. They've been so dominant this whole World Cup and it's really good to see everyone starting to pay attention to a sport that I've paid attention to and loved my whole life," Milwaukee Torrent player Leah Celaruk said. 

Celaruk plays for the Milwaukee Torrent Women's Soccer Team. Both she and her coach say they hope the U.S. Team's victory in France will raise the profile of their sport and quickly. 

"If you don't jump on this train now, with this success that you have that other people see, oh look, there's another sport, then our normal sports that we do in American football, baseball, where we are dominant in, that should be a huge help and a big push for everybody," Milwaukee Torrent Head Coach and Owner Andreas Davi said. 

Coach Andreas Davi hopes the championship will bring more fans to soccer games and lead to better professional leagues in America for women and men. 

The Torrent Women's team finished their season, but the men start playing later this week. Their home games are at Hart Park in Wauwatosa. 

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